Behind Bright Future

Shane van Weelie

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Basis Psycholoog
Helping people is a passion of mine which started during my teenage years volunteering as a counselor and as a facilitator at a youth group. My specialization at the time was with the LGBTQI+ community of which I am a proud member.
I immigrated to the Netherlands from New Zealand with my dog, Shyla, in 2017 to complete my masters in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University.
Due to my own past experiences I decided to specialize in (complex)trauma and gender dysphoria.

I am welcoming to people from any religion, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. The main thing I ask of you when you book an appointment with me is that you come with the willingness to work towards a bright future.  


What can you expect?

Realistic goals

During our first appointment I mainly want to get to know you and know what you are up to. You can just tell your story and I make sure it comes in the right category on paper - from home to leisure. I am curious if you have seen a therapist before, and what was helpful or unhelpful in that therapeutic relationship. Together, we set realistic goals and work together based on respect, trust, openness, understanding, perseverance and cooperation.

Your own expert

I strongly believe that everyone is their own expert and you are coming to me to explore where you can make changes or better understand yourself. I don't tell you what you need, you will know that yourself. What I can do is provide various tools from different styles of therapy to assist in self-discovery.

A place to charge

My practice is a place where you can recharge. A place where you feel good and are free to talk about what's going on, with a cup of tea that is always ready for you. I noticed that psychologists often work in a sterile environment. That does not suit me; I believe you will be able to work towards a brighter future in a comfortable environment.