Door Greeter and Comforter

Shyla is a seven year old Bichon Toy Poodle who has a happy go lucky attitude to life. For the most part, Shyla will be accompanying us on your journey with Bright Future. She is always in for a treat and some pats which I can guarantee you too will find relaxing.

Her wool is super soft and hypoallergenic so you will not need to worry about being allergic to her. However, if for what ever reason you would prefer not to have Shyla around during your session, please let me know so I can accommodate.

Groups for your support

Plan Ahead.

A group of max. 8 students who meet once per week to plan their study week, under guidance. This group can be helpful for students who have difficulty with procrastination or to manage time more effectively. Each week the participants will receive tips and tricks to improve their study techniques and self-care.

The tariff is €20 per month


This mindfulness group runs weekly with a max. of 8 participants. Together we will discover how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life without it feeling like a hassle. This group will be helpful for those with hectic lives who want to find a quiet moment of peace within.


The tariff is €20 per session


€80 for 6 sessions

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