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As you will probably know, there is a bottleneck with psychologists at gender clinics of around three years. Hopefully, will be changing in the near future with informed consent being pushed for in parliament. However, this is something that may take longer to come into practice.

There is a lot of responsibility which comes with offering a gender trajectory. I want to be able to give the most respectful care possible with the knowledge that you have probably already been wanting this for years already.

What does the trajectory entail?

We will explore your life story. Occasionally gender dysphoria can be increased through factors such as trauma, neurodiverse patterns of thought, social or environmental stressors etc. HRT and gender affirming surgeries can have irreversible effects, which is why this is important that with such important decision all stones are looked under. Transitions are also different per person – there is not a single correct trajectory. Therefore we will explore how you view your transition and what steps will be right for you.

We also need to make sure that you have sufficient support for recovery (i.e., after surgery); making sure that you are ready and able to cope (i.e., dependencies, life stressors, mental health) with disappointments (i.e., cancellations/postponement of surgeries/appointments) and changes (i.e., HRT, mood swings).

After our trajectory I will send the diagnostics and reports to Alwin Man who will give a second opinion. If Alwin agrees with my decision, you will be put on the wait list for HRT/gender conforming surgeries. Unfortunately this can only be offered for people who are 18+.

The trajectory costs €2100 for 8 sessions over the period of 4 to 8 months.

If subsequent sessions in this trajectory are needed they cost €105 per session.

Due to unforeseen circumstances all further gender trajectories are on hold.

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